Rally Days
by Dick Evans, August 2011

Back in the 1960's and 1970's I was involved with the Rhode Island Sports Car Club, Touring Club of New England, and the South County Motor Sports Club. We started our rallying adventure in the Outlet Company parking lot in Garden City, Cranston, Rhode Island. Gas was cheap and the entry fees were low. Although they were specific types of cars in the clubs that ran the events (Corvette Club of RI, VW Club of RI, etc) it did not matter what kind of vehicle you had to enter.

Dick driving in the Berkshire Jello Rally 6-30-1973

It was a great Sunday of fun for teams of two--the driver and the navigator. Some events had us driving around the countryside looking for things like grave markers, signs, and places. Others were TSD events--Time, Speed, and Distance. The former rally's where won by the team that came back earliest with the most finds. The later was much more competitive as you were asked to maintain a specific speed which varied according to a set of instructions. Checkpoints along the way timed each team in and the team with the closet to maintaining the required speeds won. Often the winners dime differed by hundreds of a second.

Dick flagging a team into a checkpoint on the May Mt.Melee Rally  5-11-1974

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On many of the Rally's each team would receive a plaque they could attach to their dashboard, or elsewhere, as a momentum of the day. Winners if each class would receive a trophy of some sort. (Anybody want some old trophies?)

Click to see an actual set of instructions from AAUUGH!, one of the RISCC rallys, the RISCC Rally Regulations, and RISCC Scorecard.

It started out as a fun day driving around the countryside. But there was more to rallying than that. We bought a copy of a book on rallying and learned some of the finer points:

To assist us in our calculations we used various devices, the simplest of which was a set of tables:

And there were rules and regulations to follow:

Like the SCCA regulations used by many clubs and...

others had thier own like this rule book from the South County Motor Sports Club.

To see the entire SCMSC book, click here

Then we went on to obtain professional equipment to help us in our calculations

Like the Curta Calculator

And a good stopwatch by Heuer

The Stevens Rally Indicator (circular slide rule calibrated for TSD)

Then that odometer in the car just was not cutting it, so we added a Halda TRIPMASTER for more exact measurement. Special gears allowed us to couple it to our vehicldiablillo55@hotmail.come so 1 mile measured exactly 1 mile.

Then we tried to get lazy and added a mechanical computer called a Halda SPEEDPILOT to do the computations for us. Finally gave up on this and went back to pencil and paper--more accurate.

A fellow enthusiast has a collection of over 100 Sports Car Club badges from 1950-1970. They are all originals and he would like to sell them. Contact him at diablillo55@hotmail.com

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