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Dick was an adjunct professor at Rhode Island College since 1986. He is now retired. During his RIC employment (most years as adjunct and the last five years full-time) he taught a number of computer related subjects including Visual RPG Programming and Web Design using HTML and FrontPage XP/2003, as well as courses in RPG/400 Programming, User Support Services, and an applications oriented course, which has included Windows 9x/2000/XP, MS Office 97/2000/XP/2003/2007, and the Internet. He has also taught applications such as Lotus 1-2-3 for Windows, Visual dBase, RPGII Programming, Desktop Publishing, and WordPerfect for Windows. Most recently Dick taught Visual Basic 2008 and Expression Web.

He is currently retired from the full time faculty as an Assistant Professor. The courses he most recently taught include Management Information Systems, Introduction to Web Development with FrontPage 2003, Visual Basic 2008, Computers in Management using Office 2007, and a course in Advanced Office 2007. In conjunction the Advanced Office course, Mr. Evans authored a textbook called Advanced Office 2007 a Working Textbook.

See the image above to view sample pages and order a copy.

As well as being a teacher of computer related topics, he is a sought after speaker for various management and computer user groups

His first experience in programming began in the early 1960's in the banking industry. In the later part of that decade a major insurance company in RI brought him on as their Programming Manager. After moving on to head up the Data Processing Department at a Manufacturing Firm in the early 1970's, Dick envisioned a user's group for data processing professionals that used the System/3 computers from IBM. From that idea the New England System Three User's Group (later to be known as NES) began with it's first meeting in Foxboro, MA. Dick was President of that organization for it's founding years while he was the Information Systems Manager at that North Attleboro manufacturing firm. He graduated from Bryant College and is Past President and Webmaster of the New England Midrange Users Group, the RI AS/400 user's group. 

Click to view a slide show Mr. Evans put together about the History of the RPG Programming Language.

Mr. Evans owned a consulting firm in RI that was started in 1976. In addition to Computer Consulting and Web Page Development, he offered his services teaching RPG/400 in industry for companies in the Southern New England area. 

A committed Christian since 1991, he and his wife are ordained and licensed ministers and Healing Evangelists. See http://www.TheEvans.org  

He is also a Ham Radio operator licensed for over 50 years as K1CVP. See www.k1cvp.com.

For more information email us at dick@rwevans.com 

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